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Tutorial Intro

Let's get started with nodb in less than 30 seconds.

Sign Up

There is no dependency installation involved. Meaning there's no npm install or such.

Get started by signing up either by using your Google or Github account.

What you'll need

A stable internet connection and a library such as curl.

Make your first request

Once you've signed up you'll get a randomly generated app name such as warm-blue-magpie, an environment called dev and an access token such as bjk0n0u6tn5zis.

Either from the dashboard or from your terminal you can already make your first request. Following the above example it will look like this:

curl -H "token: bjk0n0u6tn5zis"



You may use 'token' in the header and as a query param.

Replace the app name with your app name and access token with your access token.

The result will be an empty array []; which is expected since you don't have any entities yet.

Going further

Let's take a look at what just happened. Go to the next section to learn about what apps are in nodb.